Saturday, March 20, 2010


Mary got these flowers --a co-worker at Jane's office sent them to Mary---they are Bright!!!
and here is a really pretty glass rock that Val gave Mary last year---
Is this pretty or what---lots of things to look at here!!!!

Mary's Sunny Bunny

Here is Mary holding the quilt that we worked on together--
And here is daughter Mary holding it up and trying to hide behind it!!!  They both helped with the fabrics and came up with the name of 'Sunny Bunny" and I added the Mary to it for them!!
And here is granddaughter--Val for a visit!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mary's Plant

It is an Amaryllis plant--It had 3 huge blooms--but one was "spent" by the time I remembered to take the camera down--
How pretty--I love you Mary--
Hugs, Di

New Pictures

Mary helping me with fabric for the Valentine sew in--
Here is a picture of her one aide--Ruth