Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is the door to my Mary's apartment---and to one big family loving family--she is one great lady to have her whole family who loves each other and whom gets along well together---

Everyone in Mary's family has been here nearly everyday--even the out of state granddaughters for the last week or so---how Mary "fits" all these loved one in her tiny apartment is beyond me--but they are all there---

today they had a choice to make--sit around and be "sad"---cry here and there--or do what this family is "famous" for---laugh and play together---
SO---let's play ball--
granddaughters--Amy, Nikki,  sisters--with Casey the cousin!!
Here is "Dad""  he is coach ( to Nikki, Amy, and Taylor) ---and it looks like he is not sure which way to go!!!
Ok-- that's better Dad--just enjoy the game!!
Nikki is all suited up and ready for something---
Casey is in the field--waiting---
Now Nikki is up to bat--
Here is daughter Janie--wonder who she is pointing at--could it be the Crazy lady who is hanging out her window taking these pictures?????
Janie's daughter-Val--can't decide whether to play ball or play with Taylor's new toy???
Now Casey's boy-friend has his "fun" all figured out--and Play ball it is!!
Amy is now up to bat and it looks like Val is cheering her on!!!
and here is Taylor --she's ready for something to come her way!!!
Now who has the ball???
Must have been a "grounder"--
Let's see--can I play better in shoes or barefooted???
Amy says--I will just dance out here in the street and get the ball!!!

Now if this is not enough "excitement for one day--then we also have a New truck to show off---
Terry -- Janie's future husband--is showing daughter Mary --his new toy---
Oh Dear now I have been "caught" red handed with the camera--by daughter Mary!!!

Hugs to all of you--Diane

Here is some I had forgotten to post--
Some of Mary's gifts of flowers for Easter and afterwards--
granddaughter Val giving Mary a big hug before leaving to go to work--
Daughter Mary and granddaughter Nikki--we were all telling 'jokes'!!

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